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Please Pray For Sister Truesdale and her family . Her Father passed away.

Below is the link for the funeral arrangements.

Junior Church smile of the week
Junior Church smile of the week

Something to make you smile from Junior Church today: so the kids are singing a song for Singspiration tonight and at the end of practicing, they asked the kids if they had any questions. Of course a bunch of them did. Lol! First up is Hunter. He says “So let me get this right: we go back to our parents at the end of the song or in the middle?” 😂😂😂 Jace is next. He says loud and plain, “Yeah so we are always late so not sure if we will be here in time to sing.” Eiley is next. She says “Could I have a piece of gum?” I was dying laughing. Dusti comes back and says “Looks like this is going to go down real good. Hunter is leaving in the middle of the song, Jace isn’t probably going to make it and Eiley just wants a piece of gum!” 🤣😂🤣 Kids. Another reason I LOVE Junior Church. ❤️

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