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 Phillip and Heather Dickinson -- South America  

Click Donation button above to give a missionary offering to the Dickinson's ministry.  Online giving is secure here and easy to set up.  Paypal charges a small fee which will be reflected in your end of the year donation receipt.  This fee is avoided by unselecting "paying for an item or service" and choosing "sending to a friend" option.  Thank you.  

Please pray for our missionaries.  Phillip, Heather, Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Elijah, and Abigail.

The faith school for needy children run by Pastor Jimmy and Sister Farly.

Pray for the multitudes living in Colombia and her cities such as this.  Please pray for our brethren there and the various congregations.

This is Buenos Aires.  In Argentina live the rich and poor.  Please pray for the multitudes who need God as well as our brethren there.

Please Pray For:

Leadership and brethren in Colombian churches.

The faith school for needy children in Bogota.

Our brethren in Argentina, our Argentinian and Asian brethren.

Our brethren in Peru and the Flings.

Cuba and God's laborers there.

Provision and protection for missionary traveling.

Salvation of souls.

Entire Sanctification and maturity of believers.

For more laborers to be called and prepared.

Wisdom for leadership.

Media Ministry.

Radio ministry into Cuba. 

For Partners in Prayer and Giving.

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