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Christian Nation
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Visitor FAQ 
  • How big is your church?
    We have a congregation of 130-150.

  • How old is your church?
    Our church was founded in the year of 1892.

  • Where are you located?
    Please see our directions link.

  • What is the music like?
    Traditional Music.

  • What time are your services?
    Please see the service times link.

  • How do I get to Christian Nation Church?
    Please go to our directions and times page.

  • How do I contact the church?
    You can Contact us Through the Contact page on the Web site

  • What if I have a prayer request?
    Contact us on the contact page

  • Where will the children go during Church?
    Childrens service is Sundays @ 10:30 Am in the Junior Church Sanctuary. Children attend the regular Prayer meeting on Wednesdays @7:30 PM

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